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Water Markets

Is water trading in your future?

We’ve established the world’s largest and most active water trading market:

• Serving 10,000+ customers.

• Executing 3,000 water trades per year.

• Trading over 370,000 AF per year.

• Servicing 81,000 water rights.

• Enabling 30,000 trading rules.

• Supporting transactions with 35+ stages.

How it Works

• Submit your confidential, Expression of Interest (EOI) form or contact us to inquire within.

• Without disclosing your identity, we upload your Intent to Buy Request or Intent to Sell Request to our live, Dynamic Market.

• We notify you once Buyers or Sellers express interest in your Intent to Buy Request or Intent to Sell Request.

• We help you complete your water transfer.

• Everyone leaves happy!

Water Management

Water Intelligence

Water Intelligence

Mitigate water risk.

Water Intelligence can help you assess water risk:

• Identify parcels that are impacted by groundwater overdraft.

• Browse public and private data.

• Collect data on parcels, crops, wells, water rights, and water quality.

• Download reports across counties, basins, GSAs, and water agencies.