How We Work With You

We work with you to understand your needs & identify opportunities

• Every successful relationship is built upon trust.

• We take the time to meet with you to fully comprehend your water needs (your confidentiality is assured).

• The process of buying and selling water can be cumbersome, we simplify the process by assessing market activities and trends to identify water purchase and sale opportunities that benefit you.

We match you with buyers or sellers

• Our proprietary methods and systems streamline the process for connecting buyers and sellers with each other.

• Our confidential process of matching buyers and sellers by “Trading Zone” and “Trading Rules” ensures anonymity, and responsible business that abides by local, state, and federal water laws.

• Our proprietary approach to matching you with a buyer or seller saves you time and money!

We file the paperwork so you don’t have to

• We generate terms & conditions documentation for both parties of the water transfer.

• We assist with submitting water transfer forms.

• Our secure payment and invoice procedures are simple, and comply with California Financial Codes.

We ensure your water transfer is successful

• Our experts work with water agency staff to approve your transfer.

• We provide you with status updates on your transfer, from start to finish, engaging you in the journey.

• Our ability to quickly acquire and sell your water will amaze you.