At Waterfind USA, we believe in better water management, accounting and transfer solutions.

Waterfind USA is an innovative company that provides integrated software solutions and services in the water sector.  Formed in 2015, we are initially focused on creating products designed to meet the complex requirements of California’s water system, including compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Our key team members

  • Tom Rooney
    Tom Rooney Founder and President

    Tom Rooney is the founder and President of Waterfind, Australia’s most well-known and respected water resource management company.

    Tom started in the water industry in 1989 and has been a leading force in developing innovative water resource management solutions in Australia and internationally. In 2003 Tom launched the Waterfind Australian Water Market, the first online market for water rights that provided simple, transparent and reliable water trading and is now the largest online water market in Australia.

    In 2014 Tom won the Water Industry Alliance – Water Leadership Award for his services to the water sector. Tom and his partner have 3 young children that he enjoys sending time with. Before founding Waterfind Tom grew up in regional Australia and has owned and operated an irrigated citrus property.

    • Grant Cox
      Grant Cox Head of Innovation and Delivery

      Grant Cox is the Head of Innovation and Delivery for Waterfind USA.

      Grant’s experience in identifying, advancing and delivering digital solutions spans more than 20 years. Working across a broad range of industry sectors for organisations of varying scale, he has developed a unique understanding of business applications, transformation projects, IT infrastructure reform, new product innovations and the establishment of mutually beneficial partnership arrangements.

      His knowledge of global water accounting and management practices, and his ability to translate that into a product offering for key stakeholders, has been central to the success of Waterfind’s growth into emerging markets in Australia, the USA and Europe.

      • Mitch Partovi
        Mitch Partovi Key Account Manager

        Mitch Partovi is Waterfind USA’s Key Account Manager.

        Mitch started with Waterfind USA as an apprentice while pursuing his Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Having studied the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) since 2015, Mitch has performed various studies on SGMA including, but not limited to, implementation, Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) formation, and policy evolution. Mitch’s professional background includes account management, higher education, and data systems integration. As a native Californian, Mitch possesses an incredible passion for water management that benefits all stakeholders.


        • Mark Harvey
          Mark Harvey Chairman

          Mark has more than 35 years of experience in international agribusiness including production, processing and marketing of seed and associated products.

          He has previously been Chairman of Board at NASDAQ listed S&W Seed Company.


          • Cecil Howe III
            Cecil Howe III Advisory Board Member

            Cecil has a long association with irrigated agriculture and is a respected figure in Californian agribusiness.

            He is currently Chief Operating Officer of Westlake Farms.

            • Matt Hurley
              Matt Hurley Advisory Board Member

              Matt is the General Manager of the Angiola Irrigation District and head of Tri-County Water Authority (GSA).

              He is also an Executive Committee member of the Association of Californian Water Agencies and Chair of region 6 and the Californian Groundwater Committee – ACWA.

              • Mike Nordstrom
                Mike Nordstrom Advisory Board Member

                Mike is an attorney specializing in agriculture and water law for the past 30 years in the Central Valley of California.

                He has vast experience in water transfers, legislation and regulatory matters.

                • Justin Telles
                  Justin Telles Advisory Board Member

                  Justin is an agricultural investor with a family history in irrigation and extensive experience in agribusiness.

                  He is currently a Partner of Trinitas Partners and advisor to key pension funds.

                  • Peter Williams
                    Peter Williams Advisory Board Member

                    Dr Williams is the Smart Cities and Resilience Lead, Energy, Environment and Utilities, at IBM.

                    His focus areas are water system and water resource management; environmental management; resilience to natural disasters and chronic stresses; and Smarter Cities.

                    He has had a major role in developing the intellectual foundation for IBM’s “Smarter Planet” and “Smarter Cities” initiatives; and has worked with many startups in the water, Internet of Things (IOT) and smart cities areas.

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