Waterfind is developing water resource management products specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of California.

Waterfind’s Water Accounting & Management Platform (WAMP) has been specifically designed to help Californian Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) meet the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act 2014 (SGMA). The WAMP is a cloud-based platform which can be accessed from any location, whether from the office, field, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. We will store, manage and protect your data and that of your members. We are committed to your compliance with SGMA and will serve you from formation through operation.

Each key element is detailed below:

Water Accounting and Management Platform - Scenario Analysis

Water Budget and Allocation

Create a road map for your GSA with reliable data

  • Identify key water sources and uses to determine groundwater budgets for GSAs and their members
  • Run land use test scenarios to calculate water usage for all users
  • Virtual groundwater meter via evapotranspiration included

Member Management and Registry

Utilize database tools to coordinate your records

  • Access and update member records, including contact records
  • Communicate via SMS, email or newsletters
  • Log, monitor and manage groundwater extraction rights
Water Accounting and Management Platform - Crop Budget
Water Accounting and Management Platform - Member Budget

Reporting and Data Management

Accurate reporting to meet state regulations

  • Meets reporting requirements of SGMA for groundwater use
  • Maintains metadata, GSP modeling and mapping data, and sustainability measures
  • Aggregates data across multiple agencies within single basin to generate report

Billing and Payments

Track the business data that matters

  • Bill generation, distribution, analysis, record keeping and payment services
  • Integration with Member Management and Data Management System for scenario analysis and forecasting
  • Track cash necessary to support administration
Water Accounting and Management Platform - Billing
Waterfind Water Markets

Water Markets

The world’s most advanced online water exchange

  • Customer management capabilities, including trading history and water assets owned
  • Facilitates online trading between two parties who remain confidential
  • Supports trade conveyancing (escrow management) to efficiently settle trades
  • Integrated with market specific information for water regions

The WAMP has been launched!

Since the passage of The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), demands for information on water consumption, and mechanisms for improving the stewardship of water, have steadily increased. Waterfind’s Water Accounting and Management Platform (WAMP) meets the needs of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) and engineering firms to navigate SGMA’s uncharted waters.

Waterfind understands the importance of collaboration, and is pleased to offer free access to the latest BETA versions of WAMP Lite & Core modules.

LITE Module

The Lite Module provides extensive access to California Land Use and Water Information, through the use of intuitive, interactive maps, a data browser and standard reports. It supports  water management decision-making and identifies data gaps you may have relatively to the demands of the SGMA.

Key benefits of the Lite Module include:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Identify Your Data Gaps
  • Get Real Time and Relevant Insights

CORE Module

The Core Module supports full basin delineation and management, SGMA reporting and water budgeting.

In addition to the Lite Module, key benefits of the Core Module include:

  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Calculate water budgets quickly and cost effectively
  • Engage and delight your members
  • Satisfy SGMA requirements

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