Is water trading in your future?

We’ve established the world’s largest and most active water trading market:

  • Serving 10,000+ customers.
  • Executing 3,000 water trades per year.
  • Trading over 370,000 AF per year.
  • Servicing 81,000 water rights.
  • Enabling 30,000 trading rules.
  • Supporting transactions with 35+ stages.


SGMA is here. Let us help.

We’ve created the Water Management platform to assist GSAs with SGMA implementation:

  • Manage water at a grower or district level.
  • Import local well information.
  • Comply with SGMA reporting.
  • Engage growers and ranchers.
  • Assess groundwater overdraft.
  • Calculate water budgets.
  • Get up-to-date property data with ParcelQuest.


Mitigate water risk.

Water Intelligence can help you assess water risk:

  • Identify parcels that are impacted by groundwater overdraft.
  • Browse public and private data.
  • Collect data on parcels, crops, wells, water rights, and water quality.
  • Download reports across counties, basins, GSAs, and water agencies.
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