Busy dam engineer surveys CA dam storage sites

Sacramento, CA 10/21/2015, Author: Waterfind USA

The busiest dam construction engineer in the globe visited several potential California dam storage sites this past week, as funding proposals seek approval under Prop. 1 voter approved water storage funds last year. The Shasta dam storage upgrade project approved under the USBR report, would add 634,000 AF of storage to the parched CA water resource pool. The Temperance Flat Dam would add 1.6 million AF of storage to central valley farmers.

Tom Vanderbyl, B.Eng Civil, toured the Shasta dam raise site, the Sites reservoir, Temperance Flat and the Hoover dam while visiting the US last week. Tom has been on the front end of every major dam construction project in the English speaking world for over 30 years, workingd on repairs at Callide Dam, Paradise Dam, Borumba Dam in Queensland Australia, and the Kinchant Dam upgrade. Tom upgraded or repaired 5 dams in Central Australia in the past 5 years.

Tom has over 28 years’ experience as a water industry professional in Australia, and has been instrumental in shaping and driving change initiatives that deliver measurable improvements in organizational performance, customer service, safety, environment and community outcomes.

Tom’s primary focus at Sun Water is to provide organizational leadership and support in respect of the identification, control, management and monitoring of strategic and operational risks and opportunities. In 2007-08, Tom was engaged to provide overall technical direction and strategic leadership in relation to the development of a national Water Entitlement Trading Framework for China. Tom has worked closely with the water industry to identify and adopt water management innovations that will assist in enhancing productivity and profitability of SunWater’s customers.

Tom Vanderbyl – Dam consultant from SunWater, Australia.

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